Scott Goebel

6:15am discovered water spraying in my basement. Shut the water off and found it was an old copper pipe. Katie responded immediately and had it fixed right away. I told Alex about the last time I fixed copper pipe and what a pain it was so he showed me every step of the process, as if I’d take care of any new issues myself with service like Fluid Plumbing provides! They knocked this out. They are great people providing a great service!

Maurice Eaton

Katie is really good at her work, and a really beautiful person to boot. She recently did some work in my kitchen, and I’ll have her back to do some additional work in my garage.

Tina Bitters

I had a emergency in the middle of the night with my faucet found this plumber called her she came over right away she was so sweet she fixed the problem gave me a great price I would definetly call her again thank you Katie your awesome.

Kim Curry

Katie came and fixed our kitchen sink that was leaking – replaced the entire faucet hardware and no leaks! The organization I’m with has utilized her skills for years and she’s efficient, on time and definitely knows what she’s doing. Thank you for your plumbing expertise!